Jumuiya Women Fund

Our Mandate

  • Applying Feminist Principles

    We uphold the values of trust, accountability, and mutual respect in all our engagements. Our work is conducted through a feminist lens, ensuring that these principles shape our interactions with partners, communities, and within our own team.

  • Nurturing Local Leadership

    We are committed to empowering women, particularly at the grassroots level, enhancing their visibility and influence in their communities. By supporting these women, we aim to amplify their voices and increase their impact, advocating for systemic change.

  • Modeling Inclusion and Equity

    Advocate with women at girls at all levels of the Kenyan society and around the world to strengthen the promotion of, respect to, and protection of fundamental human rights and advance gender equality in policy and practice.

  • Prioritizing Underserved Communities

    Our focus is on funding, capacity building, and mentoring for underserved and marginalized groups, particularly in rural and remote areas. We strive to equip these organizations with the resources they need to drive change and improve lives.

  • Advocating for Systemic Change

    We play a crucial role in articulating and advocating for feminist and women's rights issues within Kenya's development agendas. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring these perspectives are integrated into national policies and practices, promoting gender equality and justice.

  • Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality

    Recognizing the importance of inclusive advocacy, we actively involve men and boys as partners in promoting gender equality. Through education and collaborative projects, we foster a comprehensive understanding of feminism that includes all genders, encouraging shared responsibility for gender justice.