We are thrilled to provide an exciting update on our project focused on empowering women through cash transfers and seed distribution. The Food Livelihood and Nutrition Project funded by @Equality Fund 's PREPARE, RESPOND AND CARE Streaming Fund aimed at providing flexible and urgent emergency funding in regions in Kenya affected by the recent drought phase in counties heavily affected by lack of rains and the effects of COVID 19 making it hard to make a descent living and also tend to their farms.. We have successfully reached a significant milestone, ensuring that women in our target communities receive financial support and access to high-quality seeds. Through our efforts, we aim to promote economic independence, enhance food security, and foster sustainable agricultural practices. We are encouraged by the positive impact this initiative is having on the lives of women and their families, and we remain committed to advancing their empowerment and resilience. Together, we are sowing the seeds of progress and nurturing a brighter future for all. This initiative has continued to impact on lives and we have seen tremendous stories of change reported by the beneficiaries of this project. A special thank you to all stakeholders who have enabled this become a success. And a special recognition to Equality Fund for providing funding to enable a growing ecosystem of feminist funders to help the grass roots communities in hard to reach regions in Kenya and around the World. #funding #fundingopportunity #fundingsolutions #womenledhouseholds #cashtransfer #vulnerable #womenandgirls 
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