Jumuiya Women Fund

Resource Mobilisation

JWF’s overall aspiration is to be a resource that supports women-led grassroots organizations in perpetuity. To achieve this, JWF seeks strategic partnerships with like-minded partners including private foundations, private sector companies, and individuals among others to support its community work. JWF is also growing an endowment fund that is invested competitively by fund managers and expected yield returns which will enable JWF to continue making grants to credible institutions working with communities. JWF is also exploring other forms of investment for its financial sustainability in the longer term.

How can you partner with JWF?

  1. Individuals – make monthly or annual contributions in support of JWF’s work.

  2. Payroll Giving – an employee or employees can choose to support JWF by making a regular donation directly from their monthly salary. The respective corporate organizations can also come on board by matching their employee’s contributions.

  3. Non-Profit Organizations – Non-Profit organizations can partner with JWF to grow their funds and support their self-driven development work by investing alongside JWF’s Endowment Fund.

  4. Private Sector – corporates can partner with JWF through their Corporate Social Responsibility program.

  5. Legacy Fund – These are funds set up by individuals, organizations or families who want to leave an indelible mark of themselves or in honor of heroes in their lives. Such funds are dedicated to a cause(s) that the initiator(s) are passionate about.


Donor Advised Funds are like charitable checking accounts within JWF that allow you to make grant recommendations to your favorite nonprofit organizations. Gifts to Donor Advised Funds are tax-deductible at the time they are made. Grants can be recommended from the fund by the donor (or a person designated by the donor) at any time.
Opening a donor-advised fund allows you to:

Donor Advised Funds can help donors build a legacy of philanthropy for their families. By becoming an advisor to the fund with their parents, children or nephews/nieces can learn about charitable giving and extend their philanthropy to future generations. JWF honors a second generation of advisors to encourage a tradition of philanthropy.

Types of Donor-Advised Funds Offered

  1. Unrestricted Donor Advised Fund A donor or their designate advises JWF about grants they wish to make from the fund- which may be set as annual funds or long-term funds.

  2. Designated FundUsed by donors who want their fund to support specific charitable agencies. This fund is generally long-term. This may be set as annual funds or long-term funds

  3. Field-of-InterestUsed by donors who want to support an area of special interest, such as education, the arts, or a specific geographic area, without being locked into naming specific recipient organizations. Again this may be set as annual funds or long-term funds.

  4. Annual FundsThese are non-permanent funds. Generally, grants are distributed over a short period, within one year. The minimum initial contribution is $5,000.
  5. Long-Term FundsThese funds are permanently endowed. JWF invests the capital in an endowment fund in accordance with its investment policy. The donor may choose the spending rule for the fund: income only, or income and principal. Often, a portion of the income is reinvested so that the capital of the endowment fund will keep up with inflation and will preferably increase on a net basis over the years. Long-term funds must maintain a minimum balance of $25,000. Additional contributions of any size can be made at any time to Donor Advised Funds. Others may also contribute to the fund (birthday, holiday, or memorial/honorary gifts, for example.) And, just like the initial contribution, additional ones are tax deductible in the year they are made.

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