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Jumuiya Women Fund

Empowering Women & Girls for Socio-Economic Transformation
and Sustainable Development.

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Embracing Equality! Improving Lives!

Our groundbreaking work in local philanthropy empowers local women organizations and social enterprises to close the gender inequality gap across healthcare, business enterprises, and social organizations.

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Empowering Women is
Smart Economics.

Join us on this incredible journey of getting women to the next level of sustainable social and economic development.

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Jumuiya Women Fund (JWF)

is a women-led, women-rights, non-profit, and non-political organization with genuine intentions of breaking the myth of funding and resourcing women, especially the hard to reach and underfunded women populations in East Africa.

  • Our Vision is to see:

    An empowered society in which every woman and girl lives free from gender inequality and socio-economic deprivation.

  • Our Mission is to:

    Promote feminist philanthropy in East Africa through grant making, impact investing, and capacity strengthening to achieve gender equality and empowerment.


Empowering Women for a Brighter Tomorrow.

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We enable local women-led community organizations to access critical funding and technical assistance for advancing reproductive health, economic opportunities, and gender equality.

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Our impact investing program supports high-impact women-led enterprises in sectors like agribusiness and renewable energy, providing them with the patient capital needed to flourish.

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Through targeted training, mentorship, and resource allocation, we empower women-led and women-rights organizations to become more efficient, sustainable, and impactful.


Thematic Areas of Focus

An illustration for an awareness campaign against Sexual Gender-Based Violence in Africa. The image features a diverse group of African people, includ

JWF supports initiatives addressing sexual harassment, defilement, rape cases, FGM, child marriages, and teenage pregnancies.

An illustration representing Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. The image shows a diverse group of African women and men, of various ages and back

JWF supports access and uptake of services by women and girls through information, contraceptives, advocacy, and policy reforms.

An illustration depicting Economic Empowerment and Rights, focusing on the African context. The image features a vibrant marketplace scene with Africa

JWF seeks to increase participation in economic activities, development programs and financial inclusion for all women and girls.

An illustration representing Climate Change and Sustainable Livelihoods in Africa. The scene depicts a lush, green landscape with African men and wome

JWF seeks to support interventions that apply innovative approaches in mitigating direct climate impact on women and girls.

An illustration showcasing Feminist Movements and Leadership in Africa. The image features a group of diverse African women, representing various ages

JWF supports projects that increase growth and deepening of feminist movements by accelerating transformative changes.

An illustration focusing on Technology and Innovation in Africa with an emphasis on women and girls. The image depicts African women and girls of vari

Bridging the gender gap in digital access and competency by accelerating access to digital technologies and literacy.

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