Jumuiya Women Fund


Driving Women's Rights Forward Through Strategic Initiatives

Our programs are the backbone of our mission. Each initiative is carefully designed to empower women and girls, strengthen communities, and advocate for systemic change. Through these programs, we channel resources and support to where they can make the greatest impact.


We provide direct funding to feminist and women’s rights movements to help them address any barriers to their enjoyment of their rights.


Strengthening the organizational capacity of WROs to improving their effectiveness in addressing unequal and oppressive systems of power.


Engaging with donors, forming strategic alliances, and advocating for funding practices that prioritize women’s leadership and decision-making.


Partnering with financial institutions to create innovative financial vehicles, providing training and support for women entrepreneurs.

An illustration showcasing Feminist Movements and Leadership in Africa. The image features a group of diverse African women, representing various ages

Rapid response funding, support for advocacy on crisis-related women’s rights issues, and capacity-building for emergency preparedness.

An illustration focusing on Technology and Innovation in Africa with an emphasis on women and girls. The image depicts African women and girls of vari

Developing partnerships with private and public sectors, growing an endowment fund, and innovating new forms of charitable giving.

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