Our Priority

Jumuiya Women Fund (JWF) transforms financing from diverse donors and investors into high-impact initiatives by women-led organizations, investing in their ideas and abilities to pursue interventions closely attuned to women and girls left furthest behind—97 per cent of its projects working with at least one category of vulnerable groups, and 70 per cent involving two or more vulnerable groups of women and girls. Since its creation in 2019, the Fund has strengthened the capacities of 11 organizations and delivered USD 60,000 in grants to 11 projects in Western Kenya. To maintain the highest standards of quality and impact, the Fund constantly learns from past experiences while looking ahead and exploring new ways of working. With select grantees, it is currently experimenting with alternative grant-making approaches involving upscaling and social innovation.

Our Vision

An empowered society in which every woman and girl lives free from gender inequality and socio-economic deprivation.

Mission Statement

To promote feminist philanthropy in East Africa through grant making, impact investing and capacity strengthening to support organizations and movements of women and girls to achieve gender equality and empowerment.

How We Work

Our work is connected to the four-delivery models below, supporting women organizations and social enterprises that provide women and girls access to programs, resources, and services they need for their wellbeing and sustainable development. JWF has one guiding purpose: to support ambitious local women-led community based organizations and enterprises in their quest to achieve women’s economic and social empowerment and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An instrument for local feminist philanthropy in Kenya, based on the principles of accessibility, trust, and women’s ownership, the Fund is a unique grant-making model. 

Local Grant-Making

Enabling local women-led community based organizations access timely funding and technical assistance they need to advance systems change for better reproductive health, economic opportunities, and gender equality outcomes at the local community and national levels.

Gender Equality Advocacy

Advocate with women at girls at all levels of the Kenyan society and around the world to strengthen the promotion of, respect to, and protection of fundamental human rights and advance gender equality in policy and practice.

Impact Investing

Enabling innovative, high-impact and mission-driven women-led social enterprises and private companies active in agribusiness, local commerce, renewable energy, and healthcare practices access patient capital (investments) to grow and benefit communities at scale.

Capacity Building

Providing technical backstopping and institutional strengthening to our community based partners so that they improve their internal governance and management, strengthen accountability and deliver superior impacts.