Jumuiya Women Fund

Capacity Strengthening

JWF sees strengthening the organizational capacity of Women's Rights Organizations (WROs) as strategic to improving their effectiveness in addressing unequal and oppressive systems of power.

In furtherance of this strategy, JWF fosters opportunities for shared learning and professional development, the establishment of women collectives to pool resources and provide financial resources to women’s organizations, technical assistance, supporting indigenous women-led initiatives, and organizing live and virtual learning events. For community-based women’s rights and environmental justice groups, are given small grants and mutual capacity strengthening through thematic workshops, access to information, and exchanges with other organizations.

JWF also contributes non-financial resources such as capacity building, convening and connecting people, sharing of information and expertise, care, and solidarity. This strategy opens doors for rural, remote, and the hard to reach groups to access bigger grants that may be otherwise inaccessible due to certain conditions that favor more established, registered organizations.