Jumuiya Women Fund

Our History

Jumuiya Women Fund was founded in 2001 then as a Community Based Organization (CBO) under the name Jumuiya Women Group, but transformed into Jumuiya Women Fund in 2019 and registered as a company limited by guarantee.

It was started by women who live and work within the women’s movement in the region who experienced major challenges facing women’s movements, organizations, and groups in accessing funding and thus in making their voice and work visible, especially indigenous women.

The founders of JWF are six formidable African feminists who are convinced that women’s human rights are essential to social, economic, and political change around the world, for the benefit of us all. Frustrated by a lack of interest in funding women’s human rights, they founded JWF to fund women’s rights organizations, movements, and grassroots women-led movements directly. Our founders knew that trusting local partners to drive solutions in their communities would lead to meaningful, lasting change. They were right!

The founders have a wealth of diverse experiences, expertise, and perspectives to strengthen JWF’s mission and commitment to empowering women and girls across the continent.

From the beginning, the founders believed it was important for JWF to promote a grant-making model, with an inclusive package of support to give women a voice and visibility on barriers limiting their freedoms and rights. 

They conceived a two-pronged grant-making strategy, namely the grassroots and national level grant-making and strategic national coalition building based on the purpose of strengthening of women’s movement and becoming an important driver in organizing for change through the coalitions under our strategic alliance-building program.

The founders who still serve on the board remain more committed than ever to JWF’s mission to fund, strengthen, and uphold the organizations and movements led by African feminists, women, girls, and gender-diverse people, in pursuit of gender justice and social transformation in Africa.


Together We Provide Years Of Skills.

Founded in 2019 by six visionary women, JWF rose to address the challenges in funding and visibility faced by women’s movements, especially at the grassroots level.

Supported over 43 grantees, majorly from grassroots.
Expanded our scope from 6 to 12 counties.
Grown our funding base to USD 750,000 in 2023/2024.
Implemented strategic initiatives for feminist movement strengthening.