Jumuiya Women Fund

What We Do - Grant Making & Management

  • Targeted Impact:

    Focused on Reproductive Health, Economic Opportunities, and Gender Equality.

  • Local Empowerment:

    Prioritizing women-led community organizations in Western Kenya.

  • Collaborative Approach:

    Working hand-in-hand with organizations to understand and meet their unique needs.

  • Systemic Change:

    Aiming for lasting impact that transcends immediate project goals.

Impact investing is a cornerstone of our approach at Jumuiya Women Fund. We go beyond traditional grant-making by providing patient capital to high-impact, mission-driven women-led social enterprises and private companies. Our investments are targeted towards sectors that are pivotal for community development such as agribusiness, local commerce, renewable energy, and healthcare. This strategy not only supports women entrepreneurs but also fosters broader economic growth within these vital sectors.

Our investment philosophy is anchored in the belief that financial returns and social impact can go hand-in-hand. By investing in women-led businesses, we not only empower female entrepreneurs but also stimulate local economies and create jobs. We offer flexible, patient capital that allows these enterprises to grow at their own pace, ensuring that they can achieve their social mission while becoming financially sustainable.

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