Jumuiya Women Fund

Grant Making & Management

JWF’s main mandate is grant management, which is the process of overseeing all activities related to grants: identifying recipients, awarding funds, and reporting on outcomes while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Accordingly, JWF makes grants available to women’s Rights Organizations, women's movements, and women’s groups especially those at the grassroots level thus contributing to enhanced capacity and better-equipped stakeholders to protect and promote women's rights. We provide direct funding to feminist and women’s rights movements to help them address any barriers to their enjoyment of their rights as women, girls, and gender non-conforming communities because it shifts power to where it should be – the movements themselves. At JWF, we are changing the narrative. Much of the funding for ‘gender equality’ initiatives has hitherto been directed to larger INGOs or CSOs – who are primarily implementing agencies for short-term projects that reflect their donor’s priorities.

With direct funding support, JWF ensures that organizations are given decision-making powers on how and where to use resources – including for organizational expenses or collective action. This is politically liberating, powerful, and movement-building.